Fontana Metalli works for all sizes of companies in all sectors, having gained extensive experience in the Food, Chemical-Pharmaceutical, and Structural Steel sectors in general. Our company offers firms highly organised skills, exclusive know-how, and a hi-tech production capacity.

As a trusted partner, Fontana Metalli is capable of following a complete production process, from the original idea to the final product. The engineering of each piece is developed according to the specific needs of the client and the specific use of each half-finished element.

Willingness to listen to and understand the client’s needs and consultancy services enable us to find the ideal solution and fulfil the requests of each company.


In addition to customised elements produced, Fontana Metalli's three-decades of experience enables us to distinguish and provide our partners with commercial half-finished products like coil, sheets, tubes, plates, rounds, and various accessories in stainless steel.