Fontana Metalli

Specialised in half-finished stainless steel products since 2003

Fontana Metalli designs, engineers and produces half-finished products in stainless steel for industry. The company is the ideal partner for large and small businesses operating in the Food, Chemical-Pharmaceutical, and Structural Steel sectors that require metal elements for their own production. Fontana Metalli supplies such firms with the complete management of the production cycle: from the selection of quality raw materials to the creation of products that fully meet the client's needs.

Fontana Metalli production is flanked by Fontana Design, a member of the group that deals exclusively in the design, planning, and production of stainless steel details made to measure for furniture and construction needs.  The close collaboration of interior designers with architecture and design firms allows Fontana Metalli to regularly update their production plants with highly innovative and creative solutions.

From design to production

Fontana Metalli boasts a decade of experience in the engineering and production of customised half-finished elements in stainless steel. A technical team deals in developing the requests of each individual client, transforming ideas into functional designs and concrete projects.

A strong commitment for companies looking towards the future

At Fontana Metalli, research and innovation are the driving force behind all the activities of all the people working in the company.
Fontana Metalli believes in their human resources and in the enormous potential of the know-how shared by the Group. The growth and future of the company are based on the work of each individual and the value that each person brings to the company in a continual exchange of stimulating and innovative ideas. These assets of individual skills and commitment constitute the very essence of the company and are at the base of each product and service offered by Fontana Metalli.